Empowerment Photos

Here are two photos and a cartoon that I found on the web today.  Remember that as an empowered individual, it is up to you make your own choices and be personally responsible.  So go forth and speak your mind on important matters that effect you, your community and the world. Create a positive difference peacefully and non judgmentally.


  1. The last sign is a good one. We wait for elected officials to fix problems but we’re leaders who can initiate change also.

    1. Right on. I am so tired of people complaining and using excuses when we each have the power to at least try.

  2. First pic… Classic…

    1. Yes I love it too. That would be a fun shirt.

  3. Personal to me in more ways than you know.

  4. gorgeousosity · · Reply

    Too True!

    1. And yet we make truth so complicated with our egos, our judgments and our violent choices. It’s ridiculous.

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