Art Wednesday: String

After seeing some wonderful art made with the embellishment of string on Artsy Forager,  I decided to make some of my own.  This was drawn on thick paper with ink and colored pencil. I then used embroidery floss to add extra oomph! For my first try it turned out wonderfully.  It also took a long time of sitting still.  One to two hours a day for 4 days and voila!

“LOVEBIRDS” by Leah Oviedo 2012

If  you try string on paper be aware that putting the holes too near each other will result in one giant hole. I used a needle with a wide head so the string would fit. You could use a finer thread to make smaller holes and get a different effect.

My goal is to try a new art medium each month this summer. It’s kind of like art camp. I got the idea from Hot Pink Underwear.


  1. This is really beautiful! Can’t wait to see what other wonderful pieces you produce during your own personal art camp.

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