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I shocked myself today

Today I rode my bike uphill for a mile and a half without stopping. I didn’t start out with that goal in mind. In fact I was sure that there was no way I could actually accomplish such a feat. I told myself just ride to the the top of the first hill and then you can walk. When I got to my destination a little voice inside said, why not go a little further. There was another hill and I wasn’t planning on going up all the way on my bike there either. Yet I did, then another and another and another until I had climbed five hills!!!

My legs and lungs burned with all this new exertion. However as I went up that last hill I felt newly energized and excited to make the whole trip without a pause. I was so surprised that I had biked the whole way without giving up.

This is fairly new for me. I tend to give up rather quickly and say that I don’t need to do this or that. It’s not important, even if it really is. So I shocked myself today by riding my bike all that way without stopping to rest. It was an amazing feeling. Perhaps this is the start of something new, perhaps I am growing stronger. I sure hope so.

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