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The Root of Societal Unrest – Complacency

After reading a post by one of my favorite bloggers I had to reblog it. If you only read one reblog today, make it Honie Briggs’. I completely agree with Honie that complacency not conspiracy is the root of our destructive nature. It amazes me at how we so easily agree to things that we know are wrong. I also agree that we need to stop arguing over rights established. How did we become a society that polices anything considered “different”? We “allow” people to marry, we “allow” people to take care of their own bodies, we “allow” our elected politicians to start wars. Where do we get off forcing our approval on others right to be happy and healthy? We have no right to sit back and continue allowing ourselves to ignore problems in the present. We have no right to be lazy and compliant because that is all we know. Humans have the ability to ask questions and find answers. We have a right to answers. Complacency is a nasty word. Let’s get rid of it…

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