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Whatever shall I do…

Hello World,

I would like to take this moment  and share my pity party with anyone who would hear my cry. Am I alone out here or is my voice so similar to others that it has become a dull beat lost in the rhythm of sadness?  Ah it is not as if I have nobody to listen. I am sure that my family and friends would lend a sympathetic ear. I have a wonderful circle of people in my life.   Yet they all live so far away or they have families of their own now. I don’t want to bother them with my weight. They have their own to carry.

Sigh.  Life gave me lemons, but I was to lazy to make lemonade. Instead I just threw them in a pitcher with a packet of sugar and expected it to taste great.  Life takes effort, love takes time and the world waits for no person.  Age creeps up beside me like a trusted yet ominous friend.  I feel the hands of time ticking away at my soul.  Tomorrow I will do it… I am not prepared… Later when I have more skills… Oh the excuses I tell myself!

Perhaps tomorrow will be a happier day where I can let go my anxiety and enjoy the world as it is. Only one way to find out and that is to sleep now and awake in the morning with a open mind.