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The Marriage Question.

What’s the rush to get married? Growing up with a single mom created a different family dynamic for me. I think if that is what you want than go for it, but marriage just holds not interest for me. So I really like this new website I found. “What’s the Rush?” TM is the motto of SheNOW, a new on-line community supplying council and guidance to women who are not rushing into marriage or who are opting out completely.

SheNOW will offer guidance, advice, tips, and tricks on all aspects of being a young professional woman. This includes, but is not limited to, career, relationships, friends, health (mental and physical), inspiration, humor, travel, goal attainment, financial security, and articles on “living it up!” The focus of the site is to encourage women to learn more about themselves and what they need before making the important decision of marriage.

I really like this statement from the creator of SheNoW, Brenna Smith “We were given life not with the goal of weddings and procreation, but with the goal to accomplish our dreams, see the world, have adventures, and to embrace all the wonders our one life has to offer.” Brenna created her business after refusing to cave into the pressure she felt to settle down before she was ready. I am on a new adventure with mny new books and I love that other women feel that is as important as any other options life provides.

Women of all ages will contribute articles to the site. Interviews will offer advice from women who are putting off marriage and those that have been married and are now divorced. Women will learn to focus on themselves first and create a successful, healthy version of themselves prior to marriage. As the website states, “We believe that wedding bells can ring when, and IF, we want them to and that women should use their twenties for self-discovery and adventure.”

Visit SheNOW.org and see for yourself!