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Uh Oh! Someone is Having a Hissy Fit.

I am often surprised by the lack of maturity people show. This sign just makes me laugh so hard. It is like a child refusing to clean their room until they get a toy they want. I would never do business with this company after seeing this sign. Maybe they would decide to not finish a job they agreed to, because they didn’t like my pro choice stance on abortion. LMAO!

I’d guess US Crane is just too broke to hire anyone. They probably voted for Bush twice. You remember that guy, the one that helped destroy our economy so we could blame Obama for it all.

I only hope the people reading my blog would never act like such a baby. I hope you get as much of a laugh from this as I did. Happy Tuesday.

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why not?

LIFE CAN BE WAY TOO SERIOUS! Sometimes I just need to be free and stretch my legs.

Why not walk down the street and let your imagination run free. Up doorsteps, fire escapes, trees and walls. My imagination knows how to bring a bright goofy smile to my face as I walk down the street.

Imagine bright oddly shaped flowers blooming out of mailboxes, vines climbing up the wall with silly little creatures that swing to and fro.

Imagine painting a mural on a blank wall. Maybe you add glitter or feathers or paint the pieces of trash you found in the gutter and glue those to the wall.

Imagine those rain puddles as bright colored pudding where the kids jump and splash, licking the splattered pudding off their faces and laughing all the while.

Imagine fairies and elves poking their heads out from behind trees as you pass and showing off their own bright goofy smile.

Imagine that the most mundane tasks are accomplished while dancing. Is the mail person wearing a tutu and tossing letters and packages perfectly into the boxes and arms of those that are waiting. Is the delivery person walking on his hands and carrying boxes inside stacked on his feet? Are those people in their office cubicles taking breaks and singing out the window?

Imagine a world where for a few minutes you are just happy. You are not thinking about deadlines and dinner times and play dates and plans.

Just imagine.


It’s an Elephant Silly!

It’s an elephant silly.
It isn’t a giraffe.
It has big ears and a trunk for laughs.
But don’t laugh at an elephant.
They are big and strong.
They will step on you until you are black and blue!