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Feeling Suicidal? LISTEN to This Young Woman Now!

“You have a purpose, you are important, you always will be.”

As someone who dealt with depression for almost 17 years I know how easily thoughts of suicide crawl into the mind and grow big fat ugly roots. As someone who has lost great friends to suicide I want to remind you that suicide is a PERMANENT answer to most often temporary problems. It gets better, but you have to seek help and support. San Diego Help Line: 1-800-479-3339 National hotline: 1 (800) 273-8255

SEE THE VIDEO AND LISTEN AT Madelinescribes.wordpress.com/2015/03/03/listen/


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Book Review: Wise Women Don’t Worry

Dr. Jane Claypool, best book list, Wise Women Don't Worry, Wise Women Don't Sing The BluesWise Women Don’t Worry, Wise Women Don’t Sign the Blues, by Jane Claypool. Sometimes a title is the best part of a book and sometimes it is just the tip of awesomeness. I LOVED this book. I read it awhile ago right after a sad break up. I was bummed about that, a job I didn’t like, and relative lack of direction with life. This book was therapeutic and a wake up call as the author shares her own un-sugarcoated experiences with life. This part of her story ends well for her, but not after learning many lessons the hard way. As if there is another way!

The author delves into her personal alcoholism, weight struggles, divorce, being a single mom, struggling to pursue a writing career and all this decades ago when women were just gaining rights to be treated as equal citizens. She succeeds and she does so with lots of falling down and a little bit of grace. Because the topics and the age of the author I recommend this book for women over the age of 25. I wouldn’t have liked it when I was 21 because I could not have related to how life is as much a journey of learning who we are, as the adventures that shape who we become.

Though the book is written with a metaphysical theme, it didn’t get preachy, and didn’t contain mystical secrets or new age fluff. It was a book I could not put down. I felt happy reading this book and it made going through that breakup so much easier. I was able to look past my current unhappiness and think about what life would hold for me. The book also includes some great affirmations that have been really useful for me. I have had the joy of meeting Jane in real life and she really is a wise woman. The book is available at NewThoughtWorks.net

Empowering Discussions

Found My Groove

I was asked to write a guest post a few weeks ago.  It took me a while to figure out what to write about since the topic was open.  I started writing a few times, but just could not get into any of the topics I chose. Finally while reading about the human ego, inspiration hit and my fingers flew across the keys. I found my groove and the article came out great.  I hope you will enjoy it!

“Need a little inspiration? Are you searching for answers?  Look inside yourself already! Embrace your true self and learn about who YOU are. There you will find inspiration and answers to those burning questions.

Psychologists have a term called ‘ego development’ which explains that we mature and evolve over our lifespan as we become more self aware. I take this to mean that if we can accept ourselves than we can grow and be our own guide….”