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The Perfect Valentines Gift: A Box of Chocolate Condoms and a Bouquet of Flowers

sexual protection, condoms, venereal diseases posterFor most of us Valentines Day brings to mind candy, hearts, flowers, and lots of adorable and or annoying couples(all depends on your perspective) professing their love over candle it dinners. But thinking of that brings to mind sex, which in turn brings to mind the downside like catching an STD, getting pregnant or both!

Love is in the air and so is chlamydia, herpes, AIDS/HIV, along with a host of other venereal diseases(VD) and sexually transmitted diseases(STD). So before you get wild with that sexy beast that’s lucky enough to take you home tonight for CONSENSUAL SEX, remember to bring along condoms!

Chocolate and flowers are great, but investing in a box of condoms is smart. If you don’t want to give up chocolate you can always buy a box of chocolate flavored condoms.

As our sexual revolution evolves from scary and taboo to fun and consensual all people need to get involved in educating our society about safer sex. It’s not a surprise anymore that teenagers and sometimes even tweens(Ewww, way too young!) have sex. You got here because your parents had sex, and unless you’re asexual(which is totally fine), are probably hoping to have sex tonight.  Even senior citizens are doing it and you can watch them in this sexy video.

While condoms are not 100% safe, it’s still worth taking the time to pause and put one on. Here are instructional images for how to properly put on or in female and male condoms. Always check the package for tears or holes to be really safe.

how to put on a female condom, safe sex condomshow to put on a male condom

Anybody who is sexually active can contract an STD. Educate yourself, your family, and friends with these resources:

Native Youth Sexual Health:

Sex Education for everyone:

Senior Citizens Sexual Health:

Having a late Valentines celebration? You can order online and have condoms waiting at home for you and your lover.

Be safe!

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