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This Book is Alive!

I was able to publish 60 copies of I Am More Than Just a Girl. Those will be arriving in less than 2 weeks and then I will send them out to the youth organizations that signed up and a selection of young women I have worked with. 

Thank you so much to everyone who donated AND spread the word about my book. When I give a copy of the book it will include a curriculum I created. Youth leaders can use that to create a lesson around the book and have a discussion with the young women they work with. Thanks to Jane Claypool for help editing the curriculum.

Book Sponsors: (in no particular order) Crystal D., Jennifer W.,  1 Solution Focused Coaching, Grace A., Vanessa A., Kenneth W., Andra M., Russell A.,  Club SodaMariella Rocha Jewelry Your Everything Services,  Zahira Tiara S.,  Danna D.,  Jasmine G.,  Lynda P.,  Brenda M.,  Vicki D., Gorgeousosity,   Caren Kershner, Scott O., Joanne D., Stefani O.


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