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Book Review: King Peggy

I admit when I first picked this up, I thought it would end up being a boring story. Royalty holds no interest for me. I was never that girl that played pretend princess and while I did enjoy Snow White and Cinderella, the stories weren’t that great since the girls hardly had any real adventure.  So once again my idea of what a book would be like was shattered and I am happy for that. King Peggy, is now one of my favorite books.

Peggy  is a secretary at the Ghana Embassy in D.C. who finds out she has been chosen as the new king of her village in Otuam, Ghana(Africa).  While this may sound like Cinderella, it is far from it. She is not some poor girl with low self esteem scrubbing floors and holding her tongue.  She is a hardworking woman who has loved, lost, moved to a new country, fights her own battles, clearly speaks her mind, and is independent. The title she inherits from her Uncle Joseph, the previous king includes a royal “palace” falling apart in disrepair, no money or jewels, and a large village with just one water station or “borehole”.  She has to deal with a council of liars and thieves who have no respect for women or sobriety and for a short time goes into debt herself to revitalize the village and honor for her seven thousand citizens. She uses her wits, bravery and education to create positive changes. She is truly a empowered women, a role model and an example of how anyone despite gender or skin color can make a difference in the live of so many people. It starts a bit slow, but by page 55 I could not put the book down. I didn’t want the book to end.

“King Peggy” by Peggielene Bartels and Eleanor Herman

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