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Thanks for the VERY Inspiring Blogger award.

What a great week. I am wrapping up my fundraiser, had a visit from my nephew, spent a day at the beach, laughed a lot and was given the VERY Inspiring BLogger award by Paula’s Pontifications.

As a nominee I  will share seven (7) unknown things about myself with my readers.  Then award six (6) bloggers the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

1)I believe it is mean and weird to enslave an animal, even as a pet. 2)I love photos of hippies in the 70’s protesting war. 3)My pajama bottoms are striped. 4)I am currently reading the book,  ‘A Positive View of LGBTQ; Embracing Identity and Cultivating Well-Being’ by Ellen D.B. Riggle and Sharon S. Rostosky. 5)I generally walk 6 miles or more a day. 6)I’d love to build and use a freeze ray like in the movie ‘Despicable ME’. 7)I love graffiti.

Here are six of the most inspiring blogs I regularly read.

1) Finding My Worth, http://findingmyworth.wordpress.com/

2) Women Against Restricting Reproductive Rights, http://womenarrr.org/

3) Healing Heart, Life After Rape, http://krishannah.wordpress.com/

4) I Am Not Defined, http://iamnotdefined.wordpress.com/

5) Site for Creative Alternatives, http://1solutionfocusedcoaching.com/

6) Helping Women Helps the World, http://hwhtw.wordpress.com/