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Dealing With The First Mothers Day Since My Mothers Death

It’s been almost 3 months since my mom died and sometimes it feels like the grief is growing. I suppose that’s just one of those things that happens as my mind slowly realizes that she isn’t coming back. And now today is that used-to-be-wonderful holiday celebrating moms. Yeesh! What an extra punch to the gut.

 It took a while for me to think of a way to honor my mother on this day. Since parties aren’t my thing and I don’t have anyone to celebrate with anyway, I decided to make a donation to Help In Crisis, which is a domestic violence resource center and shelter for women and girls that she helped create. Coincidentally, or not, both I and her eldest granddaughter have both worked for DV resource centers. My mom knew how to set a loving example; by simply being one. 

I’m very proud of my mom and loved her so much. Today I’m going to work at the flower shop where I have been going back every Mothers day for the past few years. I think it will be fun, but the owner understands that I might not be able to stay if it makes me too sad.

“HELP IN CRISIS, This donation is in the memory of JoAnne Duncan, $10.00” http://helpincrisisinc.org/hic/history.asp