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From Pajamas to Documentaries

Jaz Gray has been actively making  a difference in the world from a young age. She has done this wile also excelling at school, graduating from college and having 32 surgeries since she was a child.  Jaz is a survivor of AVM, Arteriovenous Malformation. This birth defect affects hundreds of thousand of people around the world. It causes health problems ranging from disfigurement to death. But this has only inspired Jaz to work harder and move past being a victim to being a survivor.

There is no cure yet for AVM and Jaz looks different than most people because of her deformations.  But what you will notice and love about Jaz is her spirit. In high school she started pajama drives for other children who spend an unreasonable amount of time in hospitals. She expanded to give pajamas to children in homeless shelters as well. Today she is creating a documentary to bring awareness about AVM. Her ultimate goal is to fund a cure and rid the world of this debilitating disease once and for all.

Her pajama drive video

Her documentary film teaser:

It starts with one person, one idea, one passion for change.  You can be the next person to change the world. You don’t have to be a president, an actor or a billionaire to make positive change.  You are powerful, intelligent, compassionate and important. Let these people inspire you to create positive change in your community. It all starts with you taking action.

Empowering Discussions

The Most Inspiring Young Woman of 2012!

I met Jaz Gray online when she was hosting a pajama drive for children with long stays in the hospital and also children at homeless shelters. At the time she was still in High School. What I didn’t know about Jaz at first is that she has AVM, Arteriovenous Malformation.  Now she has graduated from college and is making a documentary about AVM. One that will have you cheering and crying at the same time.

More Than Skin Deep documents the lives and the research being done about AVM. This life threatening birth defect affects hundreds of thousand of people around the world. It causes health problems ranging from disfigurement to death. Jaz herself has undergone 32 surgeries to stay alive. She is not afraid to share her story and show her face to millions of people. Just the opposite, she has a strength that is most often only seen in people who have suffered the most. Aside from the dangers of AVM, there is also the obvious differences that you see when you first meet Jaz. Her face doesn’t look like you’d expect from a vibrant, happy compassionate young woman. In a society that is so obsessed with outer beauty it can be terribly hard to look different. Despite the unacceptable judgments from others Jaz is determined to live her life with pride, beauty and compassion.

As a recent college graduate, she cannot afford to produce this documentary alone so she and her wonderful team are raising funds on Indie Go Go, a social fundraising website.   Every “donation” is accompanied with a prize. There are two easy ways you can help, give a donation and spread the word.

Visit the Indie Go Go Campaign Page and use the share buttons to help her story travel to all the right people. Send an email and introduce this amazing person to your family and friends. Or if possible consider donating $ to her campaign. There are amazing incentives like autographed posters, film credits and ebooks.

I personally funded $5 for her campaign because I know nothing will stop Jaz from following through on her dreams.   Please share this post on every social site you belong to.


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