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Pay Attention: Is Your Inner Saboteur Causing Trouble?

The other day I read a very useful post about the Saboteur Archetype from Candess Campbell. She talks about the ways we unconsciously sabotage our lives with little decisions, through ignoring our intuition, and most popularly with fear.

I’m learning (and practicing) to stop my inner saboteur with my intuition and courage. There’s no way I could commit to traveling across the country on my budget without lots of courage. Every time I follow my intuition instead of caving into negative thoughts or easy fixes I feel so much better. Whether it’s choosing healthier food, doing work that improves my skills, or taking a wild leap to follow my dreams. Since I’ve become conscious of my thoughts those moments really stand out for me and stick with me. Read her post at Candesscampbell.wordpress.com/2014/09/12/saboteur-archetype

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