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The Number One Reason Parents Fail Their Children…

Individual empowerment is rooted in failure, or to be more specific to turn failure into lessons. How can you really know what you’re capable of if you don’t have to struggle and look within to find your truest strengths? Parents and guardians who don’t allow their offspring to take chances or be independent create adults who are complacent and often fearful of foreign opportunities. Children need to fail so they can understand it is okay. It also allows them to see that failure will happen throughout life, but they can get back up and try again. You know the saying, “Life is what happens when you make other plans”. This is a saying I really didn’t understand until  I began to work on my personal development a few years ago.

As a child I won the lottery in regards to my mother. She gave me plenty of room to fail. She planted the roots of independence by encouraging me to ask questions, to keep trying and make my own decisions. With my shy personality, a sensitivity from lots of peer bullying and violence and years of deep depression these lessons took longer to bloom than my extroverted siblings. Finally I can use those lessons to succeed in new and unexpected endeavors. What children mostly need from parents is unconditional love, everything else is icing on the cake.

What lessons did your parent(s) or guardians teach you?


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If You Don’t Like Bullies, Don’t Teach Your Kids That Discipine Requires Violence

When parents defend their spanking with the statement,

I was spanked and turned out fine.”

You can reply with,

No, you grew up thinking it’s okay to hit a child.”

Ini the USA it’s illegal to hit a spouse or other adult, but children can be hit by their guardians and in some states by their teachers.

It’s simple logic, if you discipline your kids by striking them, whether hard or soft, you teach them to strike others as a way to create order. You create a bully.



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