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Happiness and Individual Empowerment? Book Review “Lucky Go Happy: Make Happiness Happen” by Paul van der Merwe

In the realm of individual empowerment, cultivating happiness from inside ourselves is very important. We can buy things that make life easier and fun or change our appearance to stroke our ego, but those aren’t sustainable sources as we will always need to buy more when that happiness fades. However if we look within to see what makes us feel good in a healthy balanced way then we can be happy even when life is not going our way, face disappointment or get stuck in a rut.

I recently read a book on the subject, “Lucky Go Happy: Make Happiness Happen” by Paul van der Merwe. In the book introduction he writes, “Happiness is a complex puzzle. Every chapter of Lucky Go Happy covers a piece of that puzzle and provides insights into the workings of happiness.” Through a clever and enjoyable adventure by the main character, Lucky the rat, the author reminds readers that true happiness involves a combination of our actions, thoughts, and daily activities As Lucky travels across the land he encounters animals, birds, insects and even trees who share with him their own adventures of finding happiness.

Each chapter shows us different forms of happiness. My favorites included an elephant who learned a new skill, the butterfly enjoying each stage of life, a rhino living in gratitude and a Baobab tree who realized happiness is not conditional. Buy this book at or Amazon and follow Lucky Go Happy on Facebook and Goodreads.

I know full well the dangers of trying to buy happiness and shopping my way out of depression. For over a decade I used money as a tool for happiness not realizing that it wasn’t and never was going to work. Once I was deep in debt, real happiness slowly dawned on me. By forcing myself to rethink the lifestyle I created and stepping out of my comfort zone with baby steps I finally feel happy from the inside. Yes some days and moments I struggle, but now I can check myself out of a negative state much faster and with the power of my thoughts, not my wallet. I understand that happiness is an inside job.

What makes you happy in the long run, without spending money or using drugs, narcotics or alcohol?


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