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Want to help publish my book, I Am More Than Just a Girl ?   It provides resources, information, advice and creative exercises to empower women with the knowledge to make their own informed decisions. 

I won’t go into depressing statistics of how often young women are abused, assaulted and oppressed. You don’t need me to remind you that until recently women had very little rights as equals and in some countries are still considered objects that can be owned.  Society encourages us to be outwardly successful, to make lots of money and then we will be happy. We are not often encouraged to find inner success in the forms of knowledge, happiness and emotional health.

I want to give a free copy of my book to organizations that work with youth across the USA. With you I can do this.  150 books will be given (for free) to youth organizations.  50 books will be given (for free) to young women I know that are unable to join such organizations. The remaining 100 will be sold and the profit used to buy more books. Later this year I would like to have the book translated into other languages so more young women can have access to this book. Currently, young women and parents can read the book on my website for free,

The most important part of life for me is to help others feel empowered, but I cannot do it without your support. I need a total of $1,800 to accomplish this goal. Shout it out on your Facebook pages, donate $5 online via my website or send a check to my physical address(please email me at investing in women@ gmail .com). Visit, to see what perks you will receive for helping me publish this important book. If you will join me, our goal is to raise the full amount by my birthday at the end of March.

Read my book for free and pass it on!  Share it with parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, older sisters and brothers, teachers, community leaders, youth organizations and young women. Now is the time to take action! We can no longer wait for someone else to empower the next generation of women. As the saying goes, YOU must be the change you want in this world. If you believe my book is a must have for young women get involved today. I will be sending out weekly updates. To follow the progress of my campaign subscribe to my blog in the sidebar area or send me your email address.

Check out my post on how YOU can support my campaign,