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Move Over Fast Food, The Green Cart is Bringing Fresh Fruit and Vegetables To City Streets

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve heard the term food desert, an area with inadequate access to fresh fruits, vegetables and healthy foods, causing ill-health and food insecurity. Thanks to an innovative idea in New York, vendors are selling fresh fruits and veggies on city streets. While most of us equate food vendors in the big apple more with hotdogs and pretzels than mangos and broccoli, the Green Cart┬áprogram is changing that by offering a healthier alternative. A Green Cart ONLY sells fruits and vegetables, usually accepts EBT(food stamps), and targets areas with high rates of obesity, diabetes and disease. With minimal costs and training anyone can apply to sell fruits and veggies with the official Green Cart umbrella.

Watch the video about the program “NYC Health: Shop Healthy NYC- Green Carts”.

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