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Turn Exercise Into an Adventure

Exercise should be enjoyed.  When I am active I notice how good my body feels and that makes my mood happy. Why participate in exercise that is boring when you can move your body and get healthy by having fun! One thing I love about taking walks is that I can bring my camera with me and turn it into an exploration. My favorite pictures are of murals, the ocean, funny signs, crazy tricked out cars, and unique houses. I notice new things all the time.  

 Last Friday I took a leisurely walk(4 miles round trip) from south of the pier to the harbor. On this walk it had been sprinkling. I was walking south when a woman walking towards me suddenly said “You have to turn around and check out that rainbow” I did and it was gorgeous. I was floored that this complete stranger was kind enough to share it with me.  Each walk brings a new person to greet, new scenery to  enjoy, and a revived feeling from moving around and searching or a happy surprise.


How do you make fitness fun?

How does exercise make you feel?

When was the last time you took an adventure?


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