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Are You a Bad Feminst? ….. Not Likely

Individual empowerment is about moving past stereotypes both the pretty and the ugly. Equality is not a black and white issue it’s a glittery rainbow that is vital to everyone.

In Bad Feminist, Roxane Gay bears her feminism and tells readers that the concept is not black and white—there are various shades of gray within feminism that allow people to be whatever kind of feminist they want to be. Gay discusses that there is no one way to “do feminism.” Feminism is plural, yet society has built a misconception of what it is to be feminist. People think that by being feminist, one must follow this checklist: hate men, never shave, be a woman, be unattractive, and think women are better than men. Only by following this list can one be a good feminist. Due to the misconceptions and made up standards of feminism, so many people refuse to call themselves feminists.”…continue reading at Tcjww.org/2015/03/17/bad-feminist-essays-by-roxane-gay


You are the change, what are you waiting for?


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