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A Round of Applause.

  Thank you so much for supporting my project to give copies of my book, I Am More Than Just a Girl, to youth organizations and young women across the USA. We successfully raised $610.  A few donations are in the mail so the complete total will be just a little bit higher. This week I will meet with the local publisher to see just how many books we can bring to life.

I will continue to update you on the progression and share with you all the wonderful organizations and people who received the book. I have created a curriculum to go along with it so teachers and youth leaders can start discussions and create a lesson for empowering young women.

  YOU made this happen by donating, spreading the word and believing in the power of sharing knowledge with young women so they can make positive choices.  How about a big round of applause for the following financial supporters: $50 from Crystal D., $10 from Jennifer W., $50 from 1 Solution Focused Coaching, $50 from Grace A.,$10 from Kenneth W., $10 from Andra M., $10 from Russell A., $30 from Club Soda, $5 from Mariella Rocha Jewelry, $20 from Your Everything Services, $5 from Zahira Tiara S., $20 from Danna D., $10 from Jasmine G., $100 from Lynda P., $10 from Brenda M., $50 from Vicki D., $5 from Gorgeousocity,$160 from me, the author.

If you wanted to give a book, but were unable to donate during our fundraiser, please consider buying this book and donating it.  This would be a wonderful gift for a teacher or youth organization that could use it to create a positive impact in the lives of young women. Buy a copy at

If you helped spread the word about this book or the fundraiser, leave a comment below with a link to your blog, website, or just add your name.  Not everyone can donate money, but anyone can empower a young women by sharing this book. You deserve a round of applause too.