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Another Driver Distracted by Texting Almost Runs Over Pedestrians

 I walk and ride my bike around town since I don’t own a car and danger is everywhere. Just this morning, me and a family with young children were crossing the street(at the cross walk with the greenlight and walk signal) when this distracted driver slammed on her brakes and stopped in the middle of the cross walk. If she had stopped 10 seconds later she would have hit one of us. Then she looked back down at her phone. I was so annoyed that she didn’t seem to even notice where she was and that we all had to walk way around her car to cross the street. So I made these stickers below to slap on people’s driver side window when they are texting and driving.

Be A Hero: Stop Bad Drivers!

The next time someone almost kills you or causes an accident because they are texting, put this sticker on their window! It’s easy for someone to say they will be safer next time, but with this waiting on their driver side window when they get to the car will remind them not to text.
**Don’t wait for them to stop texting and driving, put this on their car window(not the windshield) so they have a physical reminder.**

Buy your pack of stickers here: http://www.zazzle.com/the_official_love2drive_sticker-217473558402041894


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