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Confidence Plus Greatness Equals Strong Communities

I found this girl empowerment program through a connection of a connection. Isn’t that how it usually goes? Word of mouth is still the best marketing available. Confidence to Greatness, http://www.confidencetogreatness.orgย is a empowerment program for young women. Their vision “..inspires teenage girls to increase their confidence in order to transform communities.” ย This is what we need more of. We cannot just teach self esteem, we have to give people a purpose to use it.

Ruby Taylor, a school social worker, started this program in 2007 because she was “..heartbroken by the pain hurt and lack of confidence..” she saw around her. ย Her program creates scholarships and funds start ups for teenage girls in urban communities. Please pass this inspirational program along to your family and friends.

What wonderful empowerment program do you like? Please share it below. It does not have to be for any particular group of people.

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