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Book Marketing – Philanthropy and Photo Testimonials

This week I was downtown on a emotional high after a wonderful meeting with two amazing women. As I walked around drinking some tea  I saw a sign asking for book donations. I just happened to have an extra copy of my book, “How Will You Create Positive Change?”  in my bag. So I dropped my book in the box. Then I turned around and took a photo of the book with the donation sign. I posted it on Facebook and had a few likes.  Low cost marketing. Will it work? I have no idea, but my book will be seen by people I other wise may have never met. Hopefully it will get passed around and spark some conversation. Feel free to share this photo wherever you like.

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I have donated about a dozen books over the past 2 years just to get my name out there. I have donated for online auctions and local raffles. As my budget grows I plan on donating many more books.  I think the most important part of donating is to do so as publicly as possible. Hey, you are helping someone out after all, the least they can do is make sure you get recognition for your act of kindness.

This photo-op has inspired me to ask everyone I know that has a book to take a photo of themselves with the book and send it to me. I will add these photos to my upcoming website. The first photo I have so far is a family friend who I gave a book to yesterday. What a trooper! Thanks Sandy.

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What Do You Think of Photo Marketing?

Have You Received Any Good Leads from Donating Your Books?

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