Social Action

Reality TV Racism

Have you heard about the new reality show called “All My Babies’ Mamas”?

Growing up in a racially mixed family I find this upcoming show on Oxygen absolutely disgusting and infuriating. I saw plenty of racism first hand towards me and my family as a child and I was always scared and saddened by those negative reactions. We don’t need more demeaning images of any people in our media. Exploiting racial stereotypes only leads to increased racism. This is demeaning to everyone no matter their skin color or socio-economic status. It is especially demeaning to the children involved.

Those children who will be featured in this show are not old enough to make a decision of whether or not they want to be on TV or have the drama of their lives played out as entertainment for millions of strangers. They are basically being used as props to fuel the careers of people old enough to know better.

Even if you don’t sign this petition I hope this causes you to think twice the next time you hear stereotypes and prejudiced jokes.  I think this is a great petition that shows just how many people realize stereotypes are harmful for everyone in our society.

What stereotypes do you find offensive?

How do you see those stereotypes encouraging prejudice or hate?