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Looking at Aging With Stars in My Eyes

I love this article about menopause in Ode magazine. It brings up a good point about how we as a society tend to look at youth as the goal and getting older as last place.  The writer shares how we have become so vain about our “packaging” and how we forget that age is a wonderful part of life because we learn and grow and appreciate life more.

Two of my favorite parts of this article are these: “All the while, we’re missing out on an enlightening journey, one that’s vital for anyone who wants to grow as a human being. Let’s talk about this side of the story: getting older as an experience that can be personally valuable to each and every one of us.” and “I didn’t fear the physical aging; I come from a family of strong women who look good well into old age. I also try to keep myself healthy through vitamins, walking, strength training and nutrition.”

Enjoy the full article by Hanny Roskamp at http://odewire.com/234079/the-meaning-of-menopause.html

Personally I look forward to no longer having a period each month or worrying about birth control. If I could choose to start menopause now I would.