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Book Review: “Songs for 5 Year Olds” by Adora Levin and Hanan Levin

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“Songs for 5 Year Olds” by Adora Levin and Hanan Levin, is so much fun. You’ll be holding your sides and laughing as you and your child sing together. It’s full of clever and humorous songs that children will love too sing along with, if they can stop laughing long enough. Parents will enjoy how the songs encourage a playful imagination. If you loved reading Dr. Seuss or Shel Silverstein, you should buy this book.

Children will love songs like “A Sofa Made of Choloate” that brings to life a world of sweets and “The Stinky Song”. Parents will love songs like “What Will You Do When You Grow Up Adora” which offers ideas on what she might be doing at various ages in her life. My favorite song is “EyeWax” because its silly and unexpected with a sweet ending.

I recommend it for parents, babysitters, and childcare professionals. While the book title says 5 year olds, those younger and older will also have fun with the songs.

These songs were written(mostly) by a 5 year old girl. It is part of the Adora Art Project, another “amazing” art project, wherein 1,000 artists from all over the world paint, draw & sculpt Adora. In addition to the book readers can visit for even more fun, inspiration and art.

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