“Blooming Rage” a Poem on Día De Los Muertos by Daisy Salinas

Art by Karla Camacho.

Blooming Rage,
My ancestors pillaged and raped.
Blooming Rage,
The trauma buried deep within.
The screams, punches, blood, the ripping hairs.
The kicking, broken glass and wails.
500 years of rage.
These seeds will grow, this rage will bloom until women inherit this world.
This pain will not be for nothing.
This pain will not be for nothing.
Because my ancestors lived my worst nightmares
So that I could live their dreams.
With the opportunity to choose a life for me.
Blooming Rage,
So colorful – yellow, blue, and pink leaves blooming from my heart and fingertips.
Blowing in these chilled cold winds for thousands of years.
Until the breeze awakens them.
The descendants.
So that their hearts are a little less heavy, a little less heavy.
Blooming rage,
This is not the way the world is supposed to be.
A tear in time, they came in ships,
The sky ripped open and greed consumed this beautiful mother.
It’s up to us, the
people, to not fail her or fail each other.
Blooming Rage,
These ocean tides make my leaves blow even harder.
Blooming Rage,
I used to hate you.
I used to think your anger was slowly drowning me.
But now I realize it is the only thing keeping me alive and breathing.
Praying for that same clean air that my ancestors breathed and clean water that they used to heal their wounds.
The healing is my medicine.
The anger is my armor.
They cannot take our rage, our seeds are growing and only blooming stronger.
Blooming Rage,
No, it will never stop until women inherit this earth as it was always meant to.

Daisy Salinas is a Xicana feminist punk zinester (Muchacha Fanzine), musician (Frijolera Riot), activist, curator, and poet (Wake-Up!). She started the quarterly decolonial feminist punk fest “Xingonas in the Pit” with the purpose of promoting punk as an act of resistance and self-sufficiency for people of color. Her goal for the third Xingonas in the Pit: “Black and Brown Punk Fest TX” is to build a safe space for punks of color to reclaim their identities, their art, and their collective liberation. She recently made history/herstory with the first Black and Brown Punk Fest in San Antonio, Texas, USA.

Karla Camacho creates original prints, paintings and handmade pottery made with love. Originaria de Jalisco, Mexico based in Long Beach, CA.. She is creating work that meets at the intersections of my genderqueer, migrant, Latinx identities. Find her on and

ImpowerYou supports independent women/womyn, poc, and queer artists. Thank you for reading. 

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