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Better and Worse and Better and Worse Again and Better and….the Cycle of Your Life

Life is complex….in case you hadn’t noticed.

This summer my youngest cousin graduated high school and one of my closest loved ones had a sort of rebirth from a painful dark time. These coinciding events caused me to think about what advice I can give her. The most important thought was our expectations of how life should be as opposed to how it really is. We have so much to learn

Life gets easier as you become an adult because we learn to deal with problems from our wisdom of past experiences. BUT after you get comfortable with this idea of control, that is when life will throw surprises at you; such as your parents death, massive debt, mental illness, becoming homeless, a loved ones suicide, rape and general unexpected, even terrifying experiences. These are things you probably were never taught to deal with. It’s quite possible that you will totally screw it up and make painful decisions. But deep inside we each are born with knowledge and gifts gained through evolution that can protect and save us. This inner guidance has been mostly taught out of us by a culture designed to distract us with outer need and consumption. Thankfully we can relearn at any age if we are open.

Don’t give up, find support, search for knowledge and ask for help. You will eventually find a solution or several if that’s how many you need.  Life gets better and then worse and then better and then worse again and better. It is a cycle. Keep trying. Keep believing. Keep loving yourself so you can keep moving forward.

Art created from natural debris by Leah Oviedo
Art created from natural debris by Leah Oviedo. See more art at Zazzle.com/OviedoStyle

4 thoughts on “Better and Worse and Better and Worse Again and Better and….the Cycle of Your Life”

  1. Don’t forget, mistakes are part of
    the learning process in life. They’re
    expected to be made. So, keep
    the head up and move forward.
    Life is a maze!


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