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Leaping Into a New Adventure and Rising to New Heights

Summer intention board by Leah Oviedo
Summer intention board by Leah Oviedo


Creating art is one of the best ways to reclaim your joy, focus on a heathy activity and remind yourself of what is most important to you. I highly recommend trying your hand at creating a poster for inspiration or intent when you begin a new adventure.

I’m feeling so happy about a new adventure this summer. For the next two months I’ll be a live in volunteer/community member at Shakti Rising. This is a wholistic organization of people in San Diego who support women and children friendly societies. I’m looking forward to be of service and learning as well.

My intent while here is to FOCUS and slow down enough so that I can reclaim my life. The last few years have been full of more grief and pain than joy and peace. I’m ready to return to the opposite. I created this intention board so I can see and remember my intent every day.

If you’re in the area please visit me and check it out. Maybe you’ll find a piece of your puzzle you’ve been searching for.

Here is the website: http://www.shaktirising.org/


After the 17 years I decided the pain grafted to myself needed to be gently removed and replaced with love. I share my D.I.Y. Therapy posts in the hope that my journey can help others find self-love and create a life free of depression.  My advice is not a cure-all. I still have moments where I slip back into feelings of depression, but now I can acknowledge my emotions and their causes as a way to find my way back to peace. Read more of my journey out of depression and into balance with my D.I.Y. Therapy posts on this blog.

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peace love weirdness coloring book

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