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Book Review: “Some (Amazing) People I Know” by Keith Maginn

Chances are you know some amazing people, people who despite the odds have overcome tragedy or worked diligently to improve their communities. Theirs are not exciting stories of exceptional danger, but still inspire. That is the premise in the book. “Some (Amazing) People I Know” by Keith Maginn.

The author Keith Maginn created this book because so many people he knew were struggling and wanted to “..highlight feel-good stories to give them hope.” From the seven stories in this book, two really stood out!

The first was about Joy and how she left her longtime and secure career for adventure, because that has been the story of my life. She overcame her fear of the great beyond, “I had little fears, but I told myself hey weren’t real. Things started falling into place and I kept getting signs and reassurance from things that happened.” On my own quest for individual empowerment I observed how once I commit to a decision, no matter what there are many “signs” that show I am indeed on the right path. I loved the part of her story where she went sledding down a volcano in Nicaragua. Her experience inspired her to become a flight attendant and travel the world.

The second was of Beth and her powerful grasp of not allowing anger to hold her back after a harrowing loss that shook her family to the core. Despite the overwhelming grief of losing her 3-year-old son in an accident caused by a  distracted driver she says, “I never saw the point of being angry…The only thing I have control of is me – my choices and what I say and do.”  That is THE most important lesson in the quest for individual empowerment. Once we realize that we can’t control life, but we can control our reaction we can become our best selves. The tragedy Beth endured inspired her to create the Jacks Forever 3 Foundation, which educates teens about distracted driving. Learn more at

If you need a little everyday inspiration, like to read stories about overcoming the odds or are looking for an inspirational gift, this book would be a good choice. Learn more on and buy the book at


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