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Miscommunication – What Did She Mean When She Said That

An important part of individual empowerment is communication. I recently read a blog post about communication and the importance of understanding others words. Check it out at: Christinageorgedotme.wordpress.com/2015/03/23/dont-misunderstand-me-and-for-sure-dont-choose-to-misunderstand-me

I believe that most of us are simply expecting certain words and phrases to be offensive or “wrong” and therefore we misunderstand. “Perhaps an individual’s history moves him/her to alter the meaning and there is no hidden motive.” After all we understand what we know.

Though I also know from experience that some people purposely twist others words in an attempt at manipulation. “Does the culprit see s/he self as coy? Cute? Funny? Or is this a method of control to feed the ego?

It is as the author says, up to us to change how we move through conversations and to clearly communicate with others.

This is similar to what I teach in self-defense; when someone attacks, you must be clear and firm in telling them “No” so there can be no doubt that you are an unwilling victim of their crime and not at fault. Of course this is also important should your attack warrant a court case or filing a police report.

You are the change, what are you waiting for?

Learn about on this page: Self Defense.


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