Calling All Women and Men, Boys and Girls: Spark the Conversation to End Street Harassment at Hollaback Revolution 2015!

It’s time for the 2015 Hollaback REVolution!

I support this organization because ever since I was a young girl, walking down the street was a source of fear and uncertainty for me. I was harassed by old men, young men and boys because they felt a right to call me names and suggest inappropriate sexual acts. Together we can change the idea that street harassment is “just a part of life” and something to be expected

Just last week I was standing at the bus and this older man kept trying to give me his number. I told him no, he followed me to the other side of the stop and asked again. I said no much firmer this time, but he actually had the nerve to put his hand on my back. I knocked it off and told him that is NOT OKAY. Because he was so much older I wasn’t worried about an assault, but it sure was annoying. Quite possibly he does this to young girls or much smaller women who couldn’t fight him off. It’s just ridiculous that I can’t walk down the street without harassment!

According to the Washington Post, 2014 was the year the conversation around street harassment hit a tipping point. On March 5th, let’s take the conversation to the next level at this year’s HOLLA::Rev. Come join leading thinkers and activists in the field to expand the definitions of street harassment and discuss what each of us can do to create on-the-ground activism in our communities.

unnamedThis year’s event features amazing speakers and performers, including:

– Feminista Jones (#YouOKSis)

– Girl Be Heard

– Linda Sarsour (Arab American Association of New York)

– Quentin Walcott (CONNECT)

– Deanna Zandt (Digital Technologist and Co-Founder of Lux Digital)

– La Roka (Pioneer NYC Hip-hop MC)

– and more!

Speakers will be available to answer questions during the panel session. Tickets are free for students/youth eighteen and under. Tickets for adults/organizations are pay what you can (suggested donations listed). RSVP and Get your tickets.

Any questions about the event can be sent to:

Afterparty at : Cubbyhole Bar –

*Read the interview with Hollaback cofounder Emily May on our sister blog,

If you want change you have to get involved. So what are you waiting for?

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