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U.S. Courts Punish Victims of Domestic Violence and Allow Abusers to Walk Free!

The United States “Justice” system still doesn’t understand domestic violence and why victims become too afraid for their lives to leave. In the case of Tondalo Hall, she is being punished in prison for 30 years for the crime of not protecting her children AND suffering abuse at the hands of her violent partner Robert Braxton Jr. who was allowed walked free after 2 years. How does this make sense to anybody?

First of all while victims of  domestic violence are technically putting their children at risk, they are still VICTIMS and therefore should be helped with counseling and treatment. They should not be sent to prison and certainly not for 30 years.

Second why did the abuser Mr. Braxton only receive 2 years of prison when he committed violence against his children and partner? He should be in jail and undergoing counseling and treatment.

So why are we handing out stricter punishments for victims than violent offenders? Two reasons.

Firt, because the system was set up by males who don’t understand and have no empathy for female victims. Blaming a victim for failing to report or flee domestic abuse is akin to blaming a victim of other abuse such as molestation, sexual harassment or rape.

Second, she is in prison because it’s clear that the prosecutor Angela Marsee had a vendetta. She wanted Braxton to go to jail for a long time, and blames the victim for basically not being a good enough witness.

“Marsee also had another reason for recommending a long sentence: Hall, she declared, was part of the reason the case against Braxton “fell apart.

So Marsee wanted justice and when she couldn’t get it with Braxton she turned on the easiest target nearby, Hall.

UGH! How immature is that!

What’s really messed up is authorities know that Robert Braxton Jr. was the abuser, yet they still punished Tolanda Hall much more severely.

“After Braxton admitted he had squeezed his baby daughter too tightly and cranked her leg, detectives concluded that he was the one who had injured both children, not her.

Read more about this injustice at:

If you are as outraged as me you can sign the petition at

You can also volunteer at a local domestic violence resource center. Find one at


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3 thoughts on “U.S. Courts Punish Victims of Domestic Violence and Allow Abusers to Walk Free!”

  1. I am furious about Tondalo Hall, a victim of domestic abuse being sent to prison. It is a severly injustice response to a victim of abuse. The abuser,Robert Braxton Jr. should be in prison for his criminal acts of violence towards Tondalo Hall and their child. I am disgusted by the oklahoma court system, it is corruption at its core and anti-humanitarian.

    I have signed the petition and left a message for the oklahoma parole and pardon board. Lets all express our desire for Tondalo Hall’s release and the abuser Robert Braxton Jr. to serve a longer prison sentance!


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