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Book Review: “101+ Secrets From Nutrition School That You Need to Know” by Lynne Dorner

You Can Live Healthier by Adopting Whole-Person Approach to Your Diet. 

The book starts out with an empowering message about nutrition based on a whole-person lifestyle. This isn’t just about what we physically consume, but how all parts of life connect to create or wreck our natural balance. Emotional health needs to be part of our healthcare. Based on my own health challenges I agree wholeheartedly with this and have found the information in this book beneficial to improving my diet.

Learn about how changing your diet can eliminate food allergies and sensitivities as well as lessen or cure diseases like diabetes, polycistic ovarian syndrome and urinary infections. Learn about nutrition labels, calories, sweeteners, good fat vs. bad fat., minerals, vitamins, Ayurvedic medicine and bio-diversity to support your unique body type.

The book also covers important environmental food issues, the benefits of eating local and organic and the risks of GMO’s, pesticides and preservatives. I like her example of how consuming local foods is good for optimal health as well as a lower carbon footprint which means we are all creating and consuming less pollution.

My favorite part of this book is the knowledge that we are each in much more control of our health than we think. If we want to reduce illnesses and create balance then we can pay attention to how our emotions can help us eat healthier; use visualization, cultivate an attitude of gratitude, become more mindful of our choices and stop making excuses.

The author, Lynne Dorner, a Certified Holistic Health Coach who studied at the Institute  of Integrative Nutrition, and compares life to a salad bar. “How you choose from this salad bar shapes the course of your life and well-being and influences whether you feel vital and content, sad and depleted, or somewhere in between.” Of course changing food habits is not easy. Sticking with healthy living can be a struggle so I recommend following her advice to “Share your goals with those you trust. Or join a group of people who are motivated to make similar changes.”

I recommend this book if you’re tired of generic “diet” books. Inside you’ll find resources and advice that’s easy to understand and follow to a healthier you!  Get our copy today at

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