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The Importance of Comment Moderation:Comment Sections Have Become Troll Heaven for Harassment and Ignorance – Trigger Warning

I just read a great blog post “Never Read the Comments (Trigger Warning)” The author asks you to think of responses to the most commonly used ignorant or hateful comments that are found on almost every article about important social issues, in this case rape. I’ve shared some of her comments below in bold italics with my responses afterwards.

#19: This wouldn’t be a problem if it weren’t for FEMINISM. FEMINISM tells women it’s fine to put themselves in vulnerable positions by partying and being promiscuous. Look, I don’t mean to excuse these boys but I don’t let a ROBBER into my HOME and give him the code to my SAFE and then get mad when he TAKES MY DIAMOND.

I’ve heard #19 so much it just sounds ridiculous. I can’t help but laugh at such an ignorant comparison.

15: #14 NO! Newspapers can’t just print these things and ruin these boys’ lives, it’s just not right. And don’t tell me to “check my facts” this is America I can say whatever I want

#15 isn’t much better, “I can say whatever I want” is so childish, it’s not even a discussion.

6:  #3, a friend of mine was falsely accused of rape in college, he’s a good guy I know he didn’t do it, you should think about the lives you’re ruining

As for #6 I feel physically upset at people defending a possible rapist by talking about false accusations, that I can hardly think of a good response. Research shows false rape accounts are hard to prove and many women are just dropping charges rather than be continually harassed and scrutinized by the police and media.

Read the full post and share your own responses at Minneapolitanmademoiselle.blogspot.com/2014/06/never-read-comments-trigger-warning.html

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