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It’s Time To Overcome Your Fears and Create a Stronger Life – You Can Fight Back

You deserve to be safe. You deserve to live without fear. Some of us face bullies everyday at work, home, school, or even on the internet. There is no way to be completely secure from bullies, but that doesn’t mean we have to live in fear. We can learn to move past our fears by growing into strong confident people.

We are given a lot of chances to be afraid and shown a lot of bad people willing to make it worse. Culture, beliefs, tradition, and the amount of crime where we live all give us reasons to be afraid. Some fears are verified and some are not.  What are you afraid of? Are you tired of being afraid? If so look at other people who had the same fears and see how they were able to move past those.

When you were really young you probably were scared of monsters under the bed or in dark spaces. You soon realize that the three eyed monster with rows of teeth your older sibling told you about doesn’t exist. It was just imagination or cruelty that gave you those ideas. As you get older you learn that monsters do exist, but they dont live under the bed, they look a lot like a regular person, and may seem as charming as royalty.

Most of our fears are like monsters under the bed. They are unnecessary and often untrue. Once someone has overcome a fear it can seem ridiculous to have ever believed in that fear. For real life monsters you eventually learn how to keep them away and out of your life. Overcome your fears and the world opens up so many new opportunities.

– I have overcome my fear of bullies by verbally standing up for myself and physically fighting back. Now I’m a certified self defense instructor helping others fight back.

– I overcame my fear of being ugly by no longer focusing on whatever flaws the popular consensus declared. I made a declaration to love my body.

– I overcame my fear of public speaking by trying it out a few times and learning what style works for me.

A lot of fears vanish because as we age, we (hopefully) learn from new experiences. Even with age there is no guarantee that you will be bulletproof. Nothing would have changed if I continued to think I was not capable. I made a conscious decision to learn different ways of living and dealing with problems. I chose to change and be fierce. Some days are awful or sad because bad things happen and because I make mistakes, but more and more often I learn from mistakes by being aware of what went wrong. I know that the next day could be amazing and it usually is. I stopped living in fear and became aware.

What are you afraid of? Write down everything you are afraid of and make yourself a pledge to overcome each fear. Whenever possible take time to cross one fear off your list. Look for opportunities to overcome your fears. You’ll never know what you are capable of until you put yourself out there. And don’t worry about failing, it happens to everyone. Live fierce. Be aware, but don’t live in fear.


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