D.I.Y. Therapy

D.I.Y. Therapy – Healing Ourselves with Intuition

Inside us is the power for immense change and wonderful success IF we follow our intuition. I used to shrug off my intuition in favor of being liked, for a quick fix or to follow others definition of happiness in order to fit in. By ignoring my feelings and true desires I put myself in situations of quick and painful learning.

There was the bully I followed around who eventually turned on me and threatened my life. I already knew she was volatile after seeing her so easily turn on others. I dated a man because he adored me but who I never romantically liked and that relationship ended with no chance of us ever being friends. I attempted to forge friendships with people I wanted to be like, but had very little in common with and ended up very alone. I would go to bars and drink even though I don’t like the taste of alcohol and definitely didn’t enjoy the scene. I went into debt trying to find contentment in material items. All of these went against my intuition, but I followed them anyway. These actions also destroyed my self-worth. I started to give up and that’s when my depression really got painful. Eventually I realized this life I was building wasn’t healthy and I would never be happy following that path, but healing takes time.

Deciding to follow my intuition wasn’t a quick fix. I was so used to the wrong choices that I continued to make those when faced with an impromptu decision, felt lazy, or wanted to follow the crowd(peers, co-workers or society in general). It was frustrating because I knew deep down that I was taking the easy way out. Breaking habits is a lot of work. I had to teach myself to make better decisions by following my intuition. When a new or nerve-racking moment presented itself I thought about what I really wanted and what felt like the best choice as opposed to what someone else felt was the best choice or what was “normal”.  I began to look at the bigger picture in terms of my life and every day it’s becoming easier to listen and follow my intuition.

It’s been bumpy. Grieving after my mom died, I made all sorts of quick decisions that often made my days harder. Following my intuition was rough because there were so many emotions and such pain all battling for my attention at once. Now that my grief has mellowed it’s easier to follow my intuition. Don’t get down on yourself when you get snagged. Remember that life is an adventure. We can’t control everything, but we can control how we respond and we can pick ourselves up and forge ahead knowing we are capable. Listen to the voice inside of your heart. It’s your true voice and will guide you exactly where you want to go.

As Candess Campbell says “Intuitive healing has a deep connection to the heart. You have a gentle, loving voice inside that guides you. This voice is a quiet voice and does not fight with or try to overcome the voice of the ego or the other voices within.”  She has laid out seven steps that we can use to follow our intuition. Read her full post here: Candesscampbell.wordpress.com/2014/10/08/7-steps-to-intuitive-healing/

It’s time for a life review. If a majority of the choices you make turn out wrong or if you often feel yourself going against your gut, it’s time for a review of your decisions. Answer the questions below and see what insight you can glean. It’s never too late to start following your intuition.

1. What choices are you making that don’t feel quite right?

2. When did you make a choice that felt good and worked out how you imagined?

3. How did you feel and why did you go that route?

4. What parts of your life would you like to grow and what parts would you like to leave behind?

Now imagine the life you want. What does it look like and how can you make it come true?

1. Create a list of everything that makes you feel happy and is also good for you.

2. Brainstorm on what careers or goals will give you a feeling of being truly alive.

3. Make a map. You can write it, illustrate it or create a dream board out of magazine photos.

4. Take action on what you want to change. Do you need to go to school, change your diet or find healthier relationships? It’s your life and any changes you want are up to you.

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2 thoughts on “D.I.Y. Therapy – Healing Ourselves with Intuition”

  1. I love this: “Listen to the voice inside of your heart. It’s your true voice and will guide you exactly where you want to go.” Sometimes I find this difficult to do, because I tell myself I am just being selfish or just being _____ but it turns out better, life does, when I can have the faith in myself, the trust in my inner being, to follow through.


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