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The Only Mens Movement That Matters- Healthy Masculinity, Ending Victim Blame, and Changing Behavior Towards Women

You’ve probably heard of the “mens right movement” which basically consists of some very confused men who think they are being oppressed by women. A bad joke? No, sadly it’s a real thing. Men join the movement because they are ignorant to the reality that both women and men are oppressed in a patriarchal society. Thankfully there are a mass of intelligent men creating a healthier peaceful world. Here is a sampling. 

Does your workplace promote healthy masculinity? If not you might be interested in this training course for men to change unhealthy behaviors and dangerous cultural stereotypes. Changeisup2u.wordpress.com/2014/10/27/healthy-masculinity/

To be a “good man” is to be vocal.  The Good Men Project is an inclusive community of all genders, races, and sexual orientations talking about healthy manhood.  Goodmenproject.com

Stop the aggressor. Men Stopping Violence is a training organization that provides men with skills and resources to mobilize their communities against violence towards women and girls  Menstoppingviolence.org

It starts at home. Six Ways To Talk To Your Son ABout Male Violence and Healthy Masculinity. Everydayfeminism.com/2014/01/6-ways-to-talk-about-male-violence-and-healthy-masculinity/

All men can support women! This summer the hashtag #AllMenCan blew up social media with men taking a stand for gender equality and against violence for women. Girltalkhq.com/allmencan-hashtag-goes-viral-support-yesallwomen/

 Please share any other wonderful groups you know of in the comments below. If you are part of a program mentoring youth consider sharing your program on  ChangeIsUp2U.Wordpress.com


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