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Eat Well to Feel Well! Eating Healthy Should Be Basic Human Nature; So Why Don’t We?

Newsflash: A major obstacle to feeling good is eating bad food. Does your morning begin with carbs and sugar, such as coffee and donuts or sugary smoothies and bagels? Is your afternoon snack a chocolate bar and energy drink? Are you eating fresh vegetables and fruit even once a day when you should have a serving with every meal? Do you constantly say, “I eat fairly healthy.” and then wonder why you have health issues or feel tired more often?  That’s been my catch phrase since puberty and I’m tired of saying it.

You know those ads that say ” click here for the amazingly simple secret to….yadda, yadda, yadda”? Well it’s no secret that healthy eating keeps us in better shape both physically and mentally. When our bodies are healthy it’s easier to stay in a balanced mood and to have energy for all our daily activities. Thanks to a continuous consumption of mass media, what is or isn’t healthy can be confusing for a lot of people. instead of listening to how our bodies react to food and doing our own research we rely on others to tell us how to eat. One headline says fish is better than beef, and next week a headline says fish is loaded with mercury. We used to think diet soda was good for us, but studies show how diet drinks are more harmful than the regular version. The word “natural” used to pertain to “hippie” foods from your local co-op like granola, sugar-free foods, food without additives or preservatives and local organic produce, meat and dairy. Now it’s used for anything remotely plant or meat based regardless of additives, preservatives, hormones and antibiotics.

One thing that bugs me is how many ingredients are in our food. Last week I volunteered at a food bank to pack up bags and hand out food to those in need. I would only eat a few items that were available and felt guilty giving food-like products away even though I knew this was all the food some peopel would have for a while! It was a cornucopia of carbs, salt, artificial flavors and coloring, MSG(monosodium glutamate), and so much SUGAR!  Almost everything was in a box or can and had a list of ingredients that took up a quarter of the label, full of words that sounded more fitting for a chemistry class. Whether eating out or at home the food that tastes best only has a few ingredients, that I can pronounce. Give me seasoning and herbs, but not a bunch of flavors made in a lab to taste like real food. How insane is it that we create flavors to taste like actual food instead of using actual food to create flavor?

Another pet peeve is this push by so many large agribusinesses to NOT label GMO’s(genetically modified organisms/ geneticaly engineered food). Why should we not be allowed to know what is in our food? I feel as if the more these large corporations attempt to stop labeling the more they are hiding facts about the safety of GMO’s. If they are safe then why can’t we have labels and make our own choices? And why in the world doesn’t the FDA(Food and Drug Administration) step in with regulations? Are they really that corrupted by lobbyists with million dollar pockets? It’s time to take stand and pressure federal agencies to protect our nations health.

I know you’re busy, but you deserve to know what’s in your food. Do some research and get passionate about protecting our food and rights.

SPEAK UP! Tell the FDA to label genetically engineered foods:

What are they afraid of? Biotech and Agribusiness Spending Heavily to Defeat State GMO Food Labeling Votes:

Juice or flavored sugar water? What’s in our orange juice?

Is diet soda better? Diet soda can confuse your body signals and may cause weught gain.


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