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Climate March San Diego 2014 – Photos and Links

Sunday September 21st brought the People’s Climate March to San Diego, California. The march is about demanding “an economy that works for the people and the planet; a world safe from the ravages of climate change; a world with good jobs, clean air and water, and healthy communities.” Marches were held around the world with hundreds of thousands of people who know a healthier world is in our grasp IF we commit to changing our individual actions and holding government and businesses accountable as well.

There were lots of groups represented including Sierra Club, San Diego 350.org, college students, LGBTQ, vegetarians, vegans, veterans and religions. People of all ages and colors from babies to grandparents strolled and marched through the streets of downtown demanding an end to polluting policies and a worldwide push to respect the only planet we call home. Bicyclists pedaled at the front of the march to show that yes, we can be mobile without fossil fuels. Pedestrians on the sidewalk and drivers in their cars hollered and honked horns in a show of solidarity.

At the end of the march many leaders in our community including politicians, faith leaders, and students gave stirring speeches encouraging everyone to do more than just march this one day, but continue raising our voices and actively seeking change at local levels of government.

This march was organized by San Diego 350. You can volunteer and stay updated about local environmental news at Sandiego350.org

Learn more about how your food choices affect the environment and your health at GoVeg.com

Think college students are all about kegs and parties? Many concerned students from UCSD’s Living Learning Communities were present and active at the march, Sixth.ucsd.edu/residential-life/housing/LLC.html

The 99%/Occupy movement is still alive and growing as was proved when Occupy Women San Diego marched. Get involved at Womenoccupysandiego.org 

Veterans for Peace was there. You don’t have to be a veteran to get involved in this organization, Sdvfp.org

Citizens Against Gillepsie’s Expansion & Low Flying Aircraft was there raising awareness of the poisoning effects that lead fuel from aircrafts has on our communities, Cagelfa.com

Sierra Club continues to be a presence in our community, preserving and protecting our land for us and future generations, Sandiego.sierraclub.org

Climate.March.2014 011

Climate.March.2014 017

Climate.March.2014 001

Climate.March.2014 015

Climate.March.2014 019

Climate.March.2014 010

Climate.March.2014 023

Climate.March.2014 007

Climate.March.2014 009

Climate.March.2014 018

Climate.March.2014 005

Climate.March.2014 020

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