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How To Become a Rocket Scientist: Take Action in Direct Opposition to Your Fear with Olympia LePoint

Are you afraid? Its time to get ready, set, and  go past that fear to happiness, success, and peace.  Once upon a time I was a timid, girl with hopeless days and empty dreams. I was afraid of failure and rejection,  My choices were designed to look like I tried, but in reality I put forward the least energy as possible and what I got in return was regret.  I was afraid to speak out because I had trained my thoughts to be negative and my mind became my cruel ruler. Only after I began to think of myself as valuable and capable was I able to move past fear.

I stopped thinking failure, and started thinking survivor. I changed my words from never, stupid, and ugly to possible, genius, and beauty. Then I took action. I took care of my body and now practice self-love everyday. Now I can look in the mirror and feel content with my looks without makeup or straight shiny hair. I feel healthy and energetic. I started writing, publishing my work, and sharing it with people I didn’t know. All that time worrying that my work would be labeled as stupid was for nothing. Instead my writing has been praised! I remembered how smart I am and started making better choices. I let go of actions that only brought me down. I chose to spend my precious time with people who were positive. I stopped believing that drinking was the only way I could have a social life and started trying new things and talking to new people. Instead of expensive retail therapy I started meditation, breathing exercises, and returned to the yoga stretches my mom taught me. I changed my thoughts which spurred me to take better actions.

Sometimes I still become afraid. My nerves get on edge, my thoughts become negative, and I worry about failing. Sometimes I start to buy things I don’t need or feel too sad to care. But each day I get better at stopping those thoughts and actions that will make life harder. I say NO to self-doubt and regret. I say YES to creating a life of happiness.

Olympia LePoint became a rocket scientist even though she grew up in poverty and failed science and math. Now she shares the 3 ways she gets rid of her fear. First, recognize and name your fear. Second, change your thoughts. Third, exercise your brain with “action in direct opposition to our fear”. Take a look at her Ted Talk video, “Reprogramming Your Brain to Overcome Fear”.

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?
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