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Is Fear Holding You Back? Loretta Claiborne Wants You to Be Fearless

Loretta Claiborne could have spent her life institutionalized because of her intellectual disability. Instead her mother fearlessly worked to give Loretta a life similar to that of her siblings. Despite the sad and long-standing cultural idea that different abilities decides our worthiness, she became a celebrated athlete, a speaker, and fearless fighter for equal rights.

In this TED Talk Loretta talks about the struggle of living disabled, of being bullied, and societal bias which together grew into self-doubt and anger. When chance stepped in and pushed her into the Special Olympics, her life took on new meaning and she became a force for good. She is not fearless all the time, but she knows that we all have to be fearless if we really want to make difference. She closes her talk with this inspiring request. “I hope you will go home, if you fear something today keep your faith, keep faith in yourself, keep faith in what you believe, and you can be fearless”.

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