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Supporting Local Organic Food and Small Businesses With a Trip to the Farmers Market in Little Italy, San Diego

Last Saturday I strolled through the farmers market in Little Italy, San Diego. I was heartened to see so many signs for organic and pesticide free foods. I enjoyed a delicious veggie samosa covered in a rich and slightly spicy sauce. There was so much to look at, art, trinkets, crafts, food, plants, and various musicians.



Why should organic, local/seasonal, and small farms take precedence over our current food supply system of supermarkets catering to our every convenient whim? For so many reasons! Basically this huge agriculture system is extremely unsustainable and it’s making us sick.



We are no longer eating whole foods that naturally are fully loaded with antioxidants and nutrition. Now our food is full of artificial flavors, preservatives, and genetically modified organisms(GMO’s), additives, sweeteners, and pesticides. These were all created in an effort to cut costs for business and create an easy lifestyle for everyone. Unfortunately what we reaped is unhealthy processed food-like meals and snacks that cause numerous health problems like obesity, diabetes, cancer, and food allergies. We traded health for convenience.



Now we must revolt against this revolting idea of agriculture. We can return to a healthier way of living by buying organic and seasonal food from smaller and local farms. Start small if you must, go to your local farmers market once a month or once a week. When shopping choose a quarter or half of your groceries to be organic. Say goodbye to the easy solution of processed foods. Cut back on Starbucks and go to local coffee shops and cafes. Do some research to find the best place to shop in your community. Take the time to change now or pay in medical bills later. If not for yourself, how about the next generation?


The cuffs and lock necklaces in above photos are the work of Modern Muse; visit her website at www.ModernMuse61.jimdo.com or follow her on Facebook at ModernMuse61. Peace Pies offers more than pies! They create delicious food that is vegan, raw, and gluten/soy free; visit their website at PeacePies.com.

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