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I’d Rather Have A Hijab Wearing, Muslim, Somali-American, Female Police Officer Pull Me Over Than A Hot Headed Male

Minnesota swore in their first Somali-Muslim-Hijab-wearing woman into the police force. There are so many reasons I like this!

1. We need more police officers with college education.

2. We need more women police officers.

3. Encouraging cultural diversity in our police force will help reduce violence against minorities by officially endorsed cultural acceptance.

4. If she pulls over other Somali/Muslim women they will be more comfortable than a hot-headed white male cop. I know it would make memore comfortable.

5. This is setting a great example for police forces in all 50 states.

Read the article on the Hijabican blog: http://www.blog.hijabican.com/meet-kadra-mohamed-minnesota-americas-first-hijab-wearing-police-woman

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