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Pushing Disabled People Into Poverty By Denying Them a Chance to Save – Sara Wolff Fights Back

Imagine that you’re disabled, but are still able to work because you want to earn an income and be independent. Since you either can’t work full time or aren’t paid enough based on your abilities to make it you need a small amount of monetary government support until you can save up enough to be self-sufficient or maybe you can’t work enough so you will need that support long term. Sounds logical enough, but according to the law if you save up more than $2,000 the government declares you wealthy and takes away that support.Now even if you live in a really low cost area that is not enough to make ends meet long term.

Sara Wolff and posse via Change.org

Sara Wolff is in this situation. She is a law clerk who also volunteers her time lobbying for a change in the law so that people like herself can save up money while they work. She happens to have Down Syndrome, but that doesn’t define her or stop her from fighting for what’s right. She is one of many strong Americans working to pass the ABLE Act.

The ABLE Act gives disabled people a chance to create a tax-advantaged savings account that allows the funds to be withdrawn to cover costs of health care, employment support, housing, transportation, the purchase of technology and lifelong education. This would better support families around the country by giving them a chance that the rest of us have, to build a safety net.  It’s also great for someone in Saras current predicament; she is suddenly on her own after recently losing her mother to a sudden illness.  Learn more about the ABLE Act at RealEconomicImpact.org

Want to help Sara and your neighbors, friends, coworkers, and others who are disabled? Sign the Change.org “Pass the ABLE Act” petition. Thank you. Pass it on.

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