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Confronting Abuse Publicly: A Sexual Abuser is Publicly Shamed

Immeasurable.Strength.SunseHow many sexual assailants and pedophiles never get caught because of our cultural habit of shaming victims? How many children grow up miserable and scarred because an adult they trusted used them in a sickening way?  Finally there are survivors who refuse to live ashamed and will do whatever it takes for justice. Here’s the story of one such hero, Jamie X.

Jamie did what many victims of abuse want so badly to do, she confronted the person who abused her.  She shamed the perpetrator instead of holding on to shame that she never deserved to feel. After finally maturing to a point where she was ready to take action she was disappointed to learn the statute of limitations had long passed for her to find justice.  So she posted a video of herself calling and confronting the former teacher(now a vice principal) who had sexually assaulted her when she was in middle school.  During the phone call the abuser didn’t rebuke Jamie’s statements, and agreed that what she did was wrong. Jamie sent the video to the principal, while viewers on YouTube helped it go viral, and the terrible abuser has now resigned from the school.

What she did took a lot of courage, fueled by disappointment and a need to heal, she is very courageous indeed.

See the original video from Jamie here:

The CNN report of the video is here:

I am very impressed with Jamie X.  She is a hero to me and to the hundreds of thousands who have seen her video. We need more women, men and children to not feel victim blame, but to feel as if justice is on their side. It takes a lot to be strong when you have been beat down for so long. It takes immeasurable strength to fight back and even to heal, like all survivors of violence.

While I cannot understand the particular pain she suffered for so long both during and after the abuse ended, I do know how empowering it is to stand up to abuse. In school my peers tormented me physically and emotionally for years. Not until I was 17 did I finally have the strength to face one of my bullies. It was scary, my heart was thumping, but I did it and I felt good.  Other instances of assault have happened to me and I am proud of myself for standing up to the abuse of others.



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2 thoughts on “Confronting Abuse Publicly: A Sexual Abuser is Publicly Shamed”

  1. Wow. That person got to keep hanging around kids for a minute. Glad that’s no longer the case. Interesting how the abused take so much responsibility for the abuser.


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