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She Marched

She marched in the front line. Tall and strong, with speckled dark skin and a fro that carried more weight than the glare of any thug. A ruby red stain on her proud lips was all the makeup she wore. A gold hoop earring in one ear, 3 diamond studs in the other. The crisp autumn breeze grew into a strong gust flinging her scarf behind her giving her the look of a warrior headed straight on into battle. The faded green trenchcoat was pulled tightly over her sweater, she wore thermals under her jeans and 2 pairs of socks in her blue boots. Her hands firmly clenched the corner of the protest banner. Eyes focused straight ahead her voice carried farther than the mass behind her,”Clean Coal is a Dirty Lie! End Mountaintop Removal Today!” The occasional heckler, honking traffic, and dropping temperatures didn’t phase her.

njagbackcoverpeace.jpgIt was just last week she received the call. The pollution that had destroyed her community and cancer that took so many whom she loved had now killed her young brother. She could no longer be silent or pretend that it wasn’t affecting her here in the big city. She was tired of crying, tired of waiting for someone else to stop the coal mines. This was personal.


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