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Have You Ever Taken a Jump Into New Territory?

Have you ever taken a jump that changed your life for the better?

Or are you still waiting and longing for what might be?

It doesn’t have to be unplanned. You can lay out a map before you, gather supplies, and start now.

changeisup2u, up to you, volunteerism

Jumps are fun. I have had a few, but the one that really stands out is when I decided to never again be a victim. I wanted to be a fierce and independent woman. Finally last August I trained to be a self defense instructor, earned my certification, and now teach classes. I feel like the kind of person I used to long to be.

Al Bagocious asked this question and received some intriguing answers. Amazingly all the answers were from women. Check out his blog post to be inspired:  http://albagocius.wordpress.com/2013/08/18/leaps-of-faith-womens-division/

If you want to jump, but aren’t taking the chance is it because of fear? Are you willing to go your whole life filled with a regret about that one chance you could have taken, but held back from?  If it isn’t life threatening than maybe you should go ahead and stretch those legs as far as possible and see what happens.

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